About Star Savers

Star Savers is a new website created by the Toronto Star as a kind of rewards program brought to you by our advertisers. Simply go to StarSavers.ca and register to be eligible to participate in the daily offers from your favourite retailers. Receive or win, great samples, coupons, gift cards, discounts and prize packages with a minimum value of $10.00 each.

There is only one Star Savers offer per day. You must complete the initial registration and then you may register for as many daily offers as you wish but are limited to one registration per offer. Daily registration begins at 12 am EST and closes at 11:59 pm EST daily. Each Star Savers offer is only available on the date indicated on the calendar home page. To receive an email reminder, click on the date you are interested in, enter your email address and you will be sent an email at 9 am EST the morning of the Star Savers offer. After initial registration, simply click the calendar date you are interested in to go to the daily offer page where you’ll find a detailed description of the offer and any applicable rules.

It's that simple. Register today for your opportunity to receive great Star Saver offers!